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Zazzle Guide: How To Create Professional Instagram Media Images Using FREE Canva Templates

Free Instagram templates for Zazzle

Free Instagram templates for Zazzle

Free Instagram templates for Zazzle

Free Instagram templates for Zazzle

Free Instagram templates for Zazzle

Free Instagram templates for Zazzle

Free Instagram templates for Zazzle

Free Instagram templates for Zazzle

Free Instagram templates for Zazzle

Free Instagram templates for Zazzle


Using Canva Templates with Zazzle Products for Instagram

instagram templates for canva

Choose Canva Template:

  • Purchase: Select a paid template for more options and customization.

  • Free: Utilize a free template considering design limitations.

Upload Zazzle Product Images:

  • Download high-quality product images from Zazzle.

  • Ensure images are optimized for Instagram dimensions (1080x1080 pixels).

Add Zazzle Product Image to Template:

  • Place the product image strategically within the chosen template.

  • Consider composition, alignment, and visual hierarchy.

Edit Template Text:

  • Replace placeholder text with product descriptions, features, or benefits.

  • Maintain brand voice and style consistency.

Generate Instagram-Friendly Text:

  • Use an AI prompt generator to create engaging captions or product descriptions.

  • Focus on storytelling, emotional connection, and call to actions (CTAs).

  • Ensure captions adhere to Instagram character limits (2,200 characters).


Link Integration & Posting:

Add Long-Form Link:

  • Since links aren't live in captions, include the full Zazzle product URL.

  • Consider using a link shortener for a cleaner look.

Utilize Instagram Threads (Optional):

  • If applicable, leverage Instagram Threads for live product links and reach a wider audience.

  • Threads disappear after 24 hours, creating a sense of urgency.


Hashtag Generation & Posting Time:

Generate Popular Hashtags:

  • Use an AI prompt generator to identify relevant and trending hashtags.

  • Focus on a mix of general, niche, and product-specific hashtags.

  • Limit to 5-10 relevant hashtags to avoid appearing spammy.

Schedule Instagram Post:

  • Choose the best time to post for maximum engagement based on your audience demographics.

  • Consider using a social media scheduling tool for convenience.


Best Posting Times:

  • Weekdays: 9 AM - 11 AM EST, 5 PM - 7 PM EST

  • Weekends: 11 AM - 1 PM EST, 7 PM - 9 PM EST


Uploading Videos & Images to Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide & Engagement Tips

for Zazzle Community Creators:

1. Open the Instagram App: Ensure you're logged into your account.

2. Choose Your Content: Decide whether to upload a new photo/video or use existing ones from your device.

3. Access the Upload Screen:

  • Existing Content: Tap the "+" button at the bottom of the screen. Select "Post" from the pop-up menu.

  • New Content: Hold down the capture button or swipe right to access the camera screen. Capture your photo/video.

4. Select Your Files: Choose your desired photos/videos from the library or camera roll. You can select multiple files for a carousel post.

5. Edit & Enhance (Optional):

  • Apply filters, crop/resize, adjust brightness/contrast, etc.

  • Use tools like Boomerang or Layout for creative formats.

6. Add a Caption: Write a compelling caption with relevant information about your post. Keep it under 2,200 characters.

7. Add Hashtags: Include 5-10 relevant hashtags to increase discoverability. Research trending and niche hashtags. Or use AI to pull up popular tags in your niche!

8. Tag People/Locations (Optional): Tag relevant accounts or locations to boost engagement.

9. Share to Feed & Story (Optional): Choose to share your post to your feed and/or story with separate edits.

10. Publish! Click "Share" to make your content live on Instagram.

Additional Resources:


AI Prompts for Instagram-Ready Print-On-Demand Descriptions:

  1. Storytelling Prompt: Imagine this [product] on someone who [target audience description], what adventures would they have? Write an engaging caption capturing their journey and how this product enhances it.

  2. Benefit-Focused Prompt: Describe the top 3 ways this [product] makes your/their life easier/more fun/more stylish. Highlight benefits through a relatable, personal tone.

  3. Question Prompt: Spark curiosity with an open-ended question related to the product's function or target audience. Encourage engagement and discussion in the comments.

  4. Humorous Twist Prompt: Write a funny, lighthearted caption related to the product's use or design. Humor grabs attention and creates a memorable impression.

  5. Hashtag Challenge Prompt: Create a fun challenge or contest using the product, encouraging user-generated content and boosting engagement.

  6. Quote Integration Prompt: Find a relevant quote that resonates with the product's message and target audience. Integrate it seamlessly into the caption for added depth.

  7. User Testimonial Prompt: Feature a caption based on a recent customer review , capture their positive experience, highlighting specific features they love.

  8. Emotional Connection Prompt: Tap into emotions associated with the product's use or purpose. Create a heartfelt caption that resonates with the audience's desires and aspirations.

  9. Call to Action Prompt: Include a clear, direct call to action within the caption. Tell the audience exactly what you want them to do (e.g., visit your website, shop the product, use a specific hashtag).

Consistency is key! Regularly create and share high-quality videos to build an engaged audience on Instagram. By following these steps and utilizing Canva's features, you can create captivating videos that meet all the platform's guidelines and engage your viewers.


If you enjoyed this content, let me know in comments so I know what to give you bring you more of ! And share your instagram pages (add some text and images not just links to avoid hitting spam-o-meter!) for some free sharing love!

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