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Zazzle Cross-Sell Covers for Collections - Making it Make Sense! by Simon Lake Gold Zazzlepreneur

Note from Ed (that's me, LeahG) Our Featured Member today is Simon Lake Gold Pro Zazzler!
Take it away Simon!


Zazzle Cross-Sell Cover Collection Images and Search Page Testing!

"And soooo....I've finally made sense of this latest news article as showing in our store back-end Posted 1/19/2024 and how it will your sustain visibility in the marketplace. It's actually pretty straightforward.

Not to be confused with your actual collections banner, we are to make cover collection images to showcase to customers correctly. So the media manager image (1480 px) should display 3 or 4 products from the collection in the order that they are in the collection.

Now we can display a curated collection to showcase within Zazzle search results instead of a single product image. Here is my very first attempt at this with my mauve and gold floral wedding collection...

zazzle collections explained

That is how it will look when done. Give it 24 hours to fully cache and then you'll be able to see your collection in Zazzle search results. This is a very fancy mockup image I did in MidJourney but I think it will be more time efficient to do them with much simpler backdrops such as plain marble or burlap and the such.

zazzle cross-sell collections explained

So basically once you have added your media image, you must then press on "Zazzle Marketplace" in Collection Channels once that is enabled obviously. Then proceed to select the products as they appear on your media image. This is to avoid any confusion with the customer so that "what you see is what you get". Be sure to press "Save" after selecting.

Here is a video that explains it all very clearly...

note: I am NOT good at 'talking on videos' lol so forgive my lack of pizazz! (LeahG)


Thank you Simon for this great insight! Very much appreciated.

For those who are still confused or missed Zazzle's cross-sell for covers and collections update, here's a summary:

What is it this cross-sell collection cover thingy?

  • A separate image from your collection banner showcased to customers.

  • It displays 3-4 products from your collection in the order they appear within.

  • This curated image replaces the single product image in Zazzle search results.


  • Increased visibility for your collection in search results.

  • Offers a glimpse of your collection's variety and theme.

  • Enhances customer understanding of what your collection offers.


How to create and activate:

Create a Cover Collection Image:

  • Use Media Manager and upload an image.

  • Ensure it displays 3-4 products from the collection in order.

  • Recommend simpler backdrops (marble, burlap) for efficiency.

Activate Search Pages:

  • In Collection Channels, enable "Zazzle Marketplace".

  • Select the exact products displayed in your Cover Image.

  • This ensures alignment and avoids customer confusion.

  • Save your selection.

Creating Cover Collection Images is a new way to improve your store's visibility in Zazzle search results. By following the steps above, you can showcase your collection effectively and potentially attract more customers.


As always Podsters, share your thoughts, worries, woes, joys and triumphs in comments below! And a big shout-out to Simon! Pass by his store and show him some love.

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Nicola M.
Nicola M.
Jan 31
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you Simon, thank you Leah! This information and the video are really clear and helpful for demystifying the collections process.

Feb 01
Replying to

It’s a lot of work isn’t it all these different options and steps. Hopefully it will all pay off. Some are already reporting greater uptake in matching items. I haven’t seen this myself as yet but let’s hope it is working.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Most of Zazzle's recent ideas have been pretty good, but this one is awful! It's extremely confusing for customers to see a strange image with several products, when they are looking for a wedding invitation or rsvp or whatever particular product. Not to mention in the thumbnail view, it's hard to see several products in one image. It would be much better if Zazzle did NOT replace the product image with the collection image, but only added that little flag "View collection." So the customer clearly knows there's a collection, but can see exactly which product they want to view.


Thank you, Simon and LeahG. This was very informative. I'm just starting my online journey into Zazzle and AI and it has seemed to be daunting but thanks to you I'm getting there slowly. My shop is right at the beginning phase as I just purchased your packs from Etsy in Dec. Your information and tutorials have sure saved me a lot of time and anxiety. Now I need to learn how to use AI so that I can make these backgrounds. I'm assume that it is some sort of simple prompt like the one you provided for niches, tags, and descriptions. I look forward to watching the upcoming videos on collection banners. Cheers!

Jan 30
Replying to

Hi Ashley

Thank you so much for sharing your course feedback, so glad you've found it helpful!

Re collection banners, I have something better than a video on collection banners, I made some templates, you can view them here.

For mockup backgrounds, it depends what software you're using. If it's Canva they have thousands of readymade backgrounds. You can also grab backgrounds for free off sites like Pixabay. They don't need to be anything other than a texture, or block of color as all the products will pretty much consume the cover image. I will be creating some cover image templates shortly, which will hopefully speed up the process for everyone.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

A wonderful visual for me Simon! Thank you very much! I might add that the "mauve and gold" link takes me to Zazzle's Collections page, where I didn't find Simon's collection. But, I found it through the link of his name. Wow! It's gorgeous, and I followed you. I love how you title your collections by color. As for the real interesting part, Leah's summary in short sentences, for some odd reason sunk in this chaotic noggin' of mine. So, thank you both!! I truly am trying to see the light with cross-sell collections.

Jan 30
Replying to

Thank you for highlighting the link issue! Not sure why it isn't working but I am going to try to fix it!


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