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To Succeed at anything you need to get out your own damn way! You are the only obstacle.

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Let's discuss the elephant in the room ...

We've all heard the saying, "You get out what you put in," and nowhere is this truer than in the world of creativity, entrepreneurship, and personal development. You have all seen the odd negative review on different course providers feedback that says they learned 'nothing new'. For me, learning nothing new means I have already gained those insights and applied them. I am familiar through my own experience with those strategies.

Makes sense?

But for others, while they feel they 'know the strategies' they HAVE NOT applied them. Instead they seek out new strategies to also NOT apply. And so it goes on.

You may think this is a bizarre way to proceed but it is actually VERY common.

And here's why:

The logic behind people expressing sentiments like, "I know what I need to do, and yes, it works, but I haven't gotten around to it. Instead of doing it, I'll look for new ways," often revolves around a complex interplay of psychological and behavioral factors.

  • Procrastination and Delayed Action:

Procrastination is a common human tendency. Even when individuals are aware of effective methods, taking the necessary steps might be delayed due to various reasons such as fear, uncertainty, or a lack of motivation.

  • Fear of Failure or Change:

The prospect of trying a known method might involve the fear of failure or the discomfort associated with change. Exploring new ways becomes a way to delay confronting these anxieties.

  • Desire for Novelty and Excitement:

Some individuals are drawn to novelty and excitement. They may have a natural inclination to explore new approaches, even if the current method is effective. The pursuit of something new can bring a sense of adventure and curiosity.

  • Perceived Lack of Time:

People might genuinely feel overwhelmed with various commitments and believe they lack the time to implement known strategies. Seeking new methods could be a way to justify not taking immediate action.

  • Illusion of a "Magic Bullet":

There's a common human desire to discover a quick fix or magic solution that will yield instant and effortless results. This mindset may lead individuals to believe that a new approach could be the elusive shortcut they are seeking.

This is pretty common! And when there are no shortcuts, they become dissatisfied, even when no shortcut was promised.

  • Comfort in Familiar Patterns:

Sticking to familiar patterns, even if they are less effective, provides a sense of comfort and security. Trying something new might require stepping out of one's comfort zone, which can be challenging.


Understanding these dynamics is crucial for personal development. It involves recognizing the barriers that hinder immediate action, addressing underlying fears or hesitations, and fostering a mindset that values the consistent application of proven methods over the allure of novelty.

Ultimately, success often lies in the discipline of implementing what is known to work rather than endlessly seeking new paths without traversing the ones already laid out.


How to Get Out Your Own Way!

1. The Learning Mindset:

Learning is a lifelong journey, and the most successful individuals understand that it doesn't end with a single course or book. It's about continuously seeking knowledge, adapting, and applying what you learn. A passive approach won't yield the same results as an active, engaged mindset.

2. Putting Ideas into Action:

Ideas alone don't lead to success; it's the execution that matters. Whether it's a creative project or a business venture, taking consistent and purposeful action is key. It's not enough to know; one must do.

3. The Mindset of Growth:

A growth mindset is a powerful force. Embracing challenges, learning from failures, and persisting in the face of setbacks are traits of those who see continuous improvement. It's not about perfection; it's about progress.

4. Applying Strategies to Your Own Path:

It's easy to critique and say something didn't work, but the real magic happens when we take what we've learned and apply it to our own journey. Success is a personal journey, and each one of us has the ability to shape it based on our efforts and mindset.

The value we derive from any learning experience is a reflection of our mindset and effort. Whether it's a course, a book, or a piece of advice, the true power lies in what we do with that knowledge.


The discernment extends beyond the lack of implementation; it's evident when someone has scarcely read the materials, let alone engaged with them. Honesty with oneself becomes paramount in any learning journey.

This self-awareness is not only crucial for personal growth but is also the linchpin in extracting value from any educational endeavor.

Admitting to oneself that a course or material has not been thoroughly absorbed is a powerful act.

It's not about meeting external expectations; it's about acknowledging one's own understanding and progress. This realization holds immense significance for any course provider, educator, or mentor. Feedback from students who genuinely engage, question, and apply the knowledge contributes to a constructive learning environment.

However, when a learner approaches a course with a superficial glance, it diminishes the potential benefits they could derive. It's akin to attempting to build a house without laying a solid foundation.

The only person affected by this approach is the learner themselves.

The essence of any educational experience lies in the willingness to dive deep, question assumptions, and actively apply what is learned.

In the grand scheme, it matters little to the course provider whether a student fully engages or not; the impact is on the individual who may miss out on valuable insights and growth opportunities.

The only obstacle standing in the way of personal development is one's own commitment to the learning process.

So like the title says, get the hell out of your own way!

Navigate your path with honesty, openness, and an active thirst for understanding. It's a journey that is uniquely your own so own it!

2024 is going to be a good year Podpreneurs, open yourselves up to it!

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