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The Future of Shopping online and how Zazzle can be ahead of the curve with QR Codes

Hey Zazzlepreneurs

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I've been researching and spinning around some ideas and I want to share them with you as I think we can be ahead of the game and offer something no other POD is offering or at least get the wheels turning ready for when the future is here, because the things I am about to share are almost certainly on the horizon for a new way to shop using QR codes.

QR codes can not only revolutionize the way we buy products but also interact with them.

We're all familiar with QR codes, but their potential in e-commerce, when combined with the cover images we now have, is nothing short of groundbreaking.

Imagine this:

If Zazzle is able to (in the future) automate covers for our products that include a QR code this QR code won't just be for viewing the product; it could also serve as a direct link to the shopping experience. When viewing the cover via social media, instead of having to click a link or multiple links, or leave the site they are on, the customer scan the code and:

  • View the price

  • View latest sales

  • View the collection

  • Perhaps even buy direct via that code

  • View sustainability details for the product

  • View your videos and other cover images

Doing everything via a QR code will feel for the customer like they 'never left the spot they were at'. They are just 'shopping' via the images they come across.

This is the way I believe shopping online will be transformed in the future and there are suggestions this will be the case.

Another idea:


QR codes on packaging: A customer instead of having to find the website, log into their account, find the right page etc etc. can scan a QR code that came with their order and view all the details for their purchase instantly! They could additionally view details of contacting customer services, reporting issues, re-order the same item, or view matching items, latest sales!

What do you think about these ideas?

How do you envision QR codes and cover images enhancing the Zazzle shopping experience in the future? Share your thoughts and ideas in comments.

The future of shopping is looking exciting, and I'm thrilled to be part of the Zazzle community, where innovation knows no bounds.

Let's get ahead of the curve!

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