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Just for Laughs! Recruited AI Assistant to do a Video - FREE demo and hilarious results - definitely NOT an option!

My good pal Simon Lake (Gold Zazzle Creator) shared this fun resource as I was complaining about how bad I am at creating videos.

The idea is that AI takes your script and creates a virtual assistant to do the presentation for you! Sounds good .... in principle!

The free demo I accessed has a very tight word limit and only one avatar option, so here it is!

ME as an AI presenter .... or not me ....

I think you'll agree this is NOT going to be an option for me when it comes to creating engaging educational videos for Zazzle Creators.

So far my efforts have been limited to screen recordings with voice over, or text and image based videos with no sound. My personal preference when I watch videos is 'no sound' as I prefer to read and pause as needed when I reach a 'step' in the process that I need to reflect on or gain a closer look.


Before I dive headfirst into another "meh" video attempt, I want to know: how do YOU prefer to consume educational content?

  • Are you a sound-on kind of learner, soaking up every word of narration?

  • Do you crave the personal touch, preferring videos with an in-person presenter?

  • Or maybe you're like me, a text-loving, pause-prone individual who prefers videos sans audio?

Hit me with your preferences (and maybe a lighthearted roast for my video woes in the comments – I can take it!). The more you share, the better I can understand what resonates with you and craft engaging video content that meets your needs


Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all approach, so let's explore the possibilities together! 

Share your thoughts, learning styles, and video pet peeves. 

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Feb 19
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Well it wasn't all that bad, at least she had the right amount of fingers... but I really missed hearing your accent. lol. I am just like you and prefer to read at my own pace. That is how I personally retain what I am learning. A word of caution though about using your own voice with AI if you have considered it, since you can't be sure that they won't add your voice print to a database that could later be hacked by nefarious people and used to steal your identity.

Obviously I am having trust issues with AI developers since they scraped my art from Pinterest and FineArtAmerica and used it in their training database without asking m…

Feb 20
Replying to

Wow you’re right I never considered that!! And our faces too no doubt as some AI can transpose your own face onto these avatar creatures. It is a worry and I am shocked about your experience of having your art scraped by those major brands. Nothing is safe.

Here’s a thought, we are about 50 yrs behind where technology really js. As an example the Internet was invented in the 60’s! Even though we didn’t even have household computers back then.

So how many people in media might actually not exist in reality? It’s possible. There are AI generated influencers that have bigger followings than many humans. It is nuts when you think about it. Best not to… or I’ll…


Honestly, I’d rather read almost anything than watch a video, unless it’s something really complex which needs demonstrating. It annoys me if I want to find something out and all I can find is YouTube videos!

Having said that, I do teach art on video, so I’m glad not everyone feels the same!


Feb 13

The sample video you provided is definitely "interesting".🤣 I much prefer your narration Leah, although I get why you don't want to narrate your videos. I loathe recording myself! My daughter has a YouTube channel, and I don't know how she does it.

I agree with Connie that narration is definitely nice, but I much prefer people to edit out the "ums" and "aahs". It really helps if the video has been scripted to a certain extent to ensure the explanation is giving concisely and clearly. So many video tutorials on YouTube do NOT do this. You have to wade through 10 minutes of video to get to the actual steps, which I don't have time for! I am als…


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

For tutorial videos, I prefer narration, as long as the teacher can speak English well enough to be understood. (of course you qualify!) I don't like a lot of extra fluff and long winded explanations, just exactly which tools to choose or buttons to press. I do pause and rewind a lot, but without audio, it's sometimes hard to see exactly which tool is being used, or what settings.

on the other hand, for Zazzle cover videos (which I dislike anyway) sound is definitely a drawback. I detest sites where videos play with sound, when I'm not prepared for it and might have the computer sounds turned up loud, or it's the middle of the night and everybody else is…


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