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Go Gothic for a Niche That Is Growing In Popularity! Zazzle, Etsy, Redbubble Print-On-Demand

gothic white roses wedding invitations

Hey Zazzlepreneurs! Did you know that Gothic-themed events are on the rise, spanning from Gothic weddings, eerie Halloween gatherings, mysterious birthday parties, to Day of the Dead celebrations and more. As these events gain popularity, the demand for Gothic products and gifts continues to soar and that's where you come in! Hop aboard this unsaturated niche on Zazzle and make it your own!

Don't believe me? Check this out

"Google reported that moody trends including dark lips and “crying makeup” were among the top beauty searches of 2022, and Pinterest named “dystopian” dressing a rising trend in their 2023 trend prediction report. Factor in the latest runway shows where Chloe, Hermès and Givenchy showed black looks aplenty, and events like the Met Gala, where celebrities including Karlie Kloss, Lenny Kravitz, Nicki Minaj and Bella Hadid all donned gauzy, goth-y looks, and it’s clear that popular aesthetics are in a romantically edgy era."

It's a niche ripe with opportunity!


This is the number of wedding invitations and handfasting invitations invitations on Zazzle presently! It is NOT a saturated niche!


Gothic Wedding Facebook groups - to show how large the customer base is for this niche!



Here are some events and occasions where Gothic invitations and gifts can be particularly fitting:

  1. Gothic Weddings: Elegantly dark and romantic ceremonies.

  2. Halloween Parties: For spooky and stylish celebrations.

  3. Birthday Parties: Especially for those who love the macabre.

  4. Gothic Themed Proms: Adding a touch of darkness to the dance.

  5. Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) Celebrations: Honoring departed loved ones.

  6. Gothic Fashion Shows: For fashion enthusiasts with a dark aesthetic.

  7. Art Gallery Openings: Showcasing Gothic art and culture.

  8. Vampire-Themed Gatherings: Ideal for fans of vampire lore.

  9. Wiccan or Pagan Rituals: Incorporating Gothic elements.

  10. Anniversaries: Celebrating love with a touch of darkness.

  11. Handfasting Ceremonies: Symbolic unions in Gothic style.

  12. Gothic Masquerade Balls: Elegant and mysterious affairs.

  13. Tattoo Conventions: Featuring Gothic-inspired body art.

  14. Themed Book Releases: For Gothic literature enthusiasts.

  15. Gothic Home Decor: Housewarming or interior design events.

  16. Dark Poetry Readings: Celebrating the beauty of dark verse.

  17. Gothic Music Concerts: Immersing in dark, melodic tunes.

  18. Dark Arts and Crafts Fairs: Showcasing Gothic crafts.

  19. Gothic High Teas: A unique twist on traditional tea parties.

  20. Ren Faires with a Dark Twist: Combining Renaissance and Gothic elements.

Do your research as per your Niche Guide and see which ones you can introduce to Zazzle for a tidy profit!


What else have I got for you?

🖤 Gothic Graphics Bundles 🎨 Commercial Use License Included

🔥 FREE Keywords and Fun Slogans (page down)

To help you get this niche off to a great start, I am showcasing some bargain but beautiful Gothic Graphics that are perfect for your Gothic-themed products whether they be for Zazzle, Etsy, Redbubble, Merch Amazon or any other print-on-demand platform. These Gothic Illustration bundles come complete with a commercial license, granting you the freedom to use them as they are, without any edits! So get cracking on those Gothic wedding invitations, bridal shower invites, birthday cards, Halloween decorations, Day of the Dead greetings cards and handfasting celebration items.... the list is endless!

Wait there's more!

Page down a little further and you'll find my free bundle of Gothic-inspired slogans and seo keyword phrases to lighten your load! I can't wait to see what you create!


Watercolor Gothic Spiderwebs Clipart - dark fantasy watercolor spider web

SHOP HERE - PNG format instant download for commercial use

This download features a stunning collection of individual images, showcasing spiderwebs adorned with exquisite watercolor-style purple, red, and black florals. These versatile graphics are an ideal choice for crafting your own wedding invitations, planner layouts, web decorations, or any creative project. They effortlessly complement any background and promise a visually striking result. The clip art set includes 23 separate PNG files, each with a transparent background. On average, these images measure 5 inches at their widest point and boast a high-quality resolution of 300 dpi.


Gothic Floral Heart Clipart, Anatomical Valentine illustrations

SHOP HERE - PNG instant download commercial use

Gothic-Inspired Floral Heart Clipart - Unleash your creativity in scrapbooking, junk journaling, or crafting those intriguing gothic-themed Valentine's invitations! This digital clip art pack offers an instant download and includes 12 distinct floral heart illustrations. Each image is provided in high-quality PNG format with a resolution of 300 dpi and transparent backgrounds. Sizes vary, ranging from 4 inches to 6 inches at their widest dimension.


Vintage Halloween Graphics Bundle, discount clipart and digital paper, digital scrapbooking or web backgrounds digital paper

gothic graphics download printables

SHOP HERE - Vintage Halloween Graphics Mega Bundle - Over 500 Designs!

In response to overwhelming demand, this seller is thrilled to present a colossal compilation of the top 24 vintage Halloween clipart and digital papers from their store, all within one extraordinary bundle. Better yet, it's available at an incredible 85% discount! This treasure trove contains more than 500 graphics, a collection that would typically value at around $100 USD. This spectacular bundle is the perfect resource for your Halloween printables, party props, junk journals, scrapbooking, web design, or any other creative project you have in mind. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vintage Halloween spirit!


To aid you further I have a FREE list of slogans, phrases and tag lines that can be used for Gothic-inspired creations.

  1. "Hallowed Unions: Love in the Shadows."

  2. "A Night to Remember, Forever in Shadow."

  3. "Creep It Real: Gothic Birthday Bash."

  4. "Vampires and Vixens: A Halloween Spectacular."

  5. "Gothic Nights, Haunting Delights."

  6. "Birthday Noir: Celebrate in Dark Style."

  7. "Elegant Darkness: A Gothic Celebration."

  8. "A Midnight Masquerade: Gothic Elegance Unveiled."

  9. "Haunted Happenings: Where Every Day is Halloween."

  10. "Gothic Romance in Every Invitation."

  11. "Spirits of the Night: Join the Gothic Soiree."

  12. "Darkly Enchanted, Eternally Yours."

  13. "Gothic Magic: Where Your Dreams Take Flight."

  14. "Candles, Coffins, and Cake: Gothic Birthday Extravaganza."

  15. "Get Spooky with Us: Gothic Edition."

  16. "Gothic Vibes Only: Join the Coven."

  17. "Gothic & Glitter: Where Darkness Meets Fun."

  18. "Wickedly Wonderful: A Gothic Celebration."

  19. "Summoning All Goth Lovers."

  20. "Noir Night Out: Your Inner Vampire Awaits."

  21. "Witches and Warlocks Unite!"

  22. "Goth Goals: Where Fantasy Becomes Reality."

  23. "Into the Shadows: A Gothic Soiree."

  24. "Celebrate with a Dash of Macabre."

  25. "Gothic Galore: Where the Dark Side Shines."

  26. "Epic Goth Party: You're Invited."

  27. "Raise Your Fangs: It's Gothic O'Clock."

  28. "Embrace the Dark Side: Gothic Extravaganza."

  29. "Gothic Chic: Where Style Meets Elegance."

  30. "Unmask Your Gothic Soul."

  31. "Dance in the Moonlight: Gothic Nights."

  32. "Embrace the Dark Arts: Gothic Gathering."

  33. "Bats, Cats, & Coffins: Let's Celebrate!"

  34. "Gothic Magic: An Enchanted Evening."

These slogans and taglines can add a touch of dark elegance and mystery to your Gothic creations, helping your products to connect with the audience!




Keyword Phrases for your Gothic Inspired print-on-demand products

Here are some keyword phrases that can help customers find your Gothic-style products:

  1. Gothic wedding invitations,

  2. Dark romance invitations,

  3. Gothic party decorations,

  4. Elegant Gothic stationery,

  5. Halloween event invitations,

  6. Gothic birthday party supplies,

  7. Witchy wedding decor,

  8. Dark fantasy event planning,

  9. Gothic-themed prints,

  10. Mysterious Halloween cards,

  11. Gothic wedding stationery,

  12. Vampire-inspired invitations,

  13. Gothic home decor,

  14. Dark elegance party supplies,

  15. Creepy chic event accessories,

  16. Gothic fashion prints,

  17. Spooky Gothic gifts,

  18. Black rose design elements,

  19. Gothic wedding stationery sets,

  20. Skull and raven-themed party products.

These keyword phrases can help improve the visibility of your Gothic-themed products on search engines and lead the customers straight to your store!


Embracing the Gothic niche can be a highly lucrative venture. With a growing audience, it offers endless opportunities for creators and designers to craft unique, captivating, and profitable products. If you have a passion for the dark and mysterious or a penchant for designing items that evoke Gothic charm, you're well-positioned to tap into this thriving niche and serve customers who are eager to immerse themselves in the world of Gothic allure. And if this isn't your vibe, consider it anyway because it is on the rise!



If you create products using these graphics of any from this store, showcase them in comments below for a chance of FREE Promotion!

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New Graphics Bundle For this niche!

Me gusta

15 nov 2023

Awhile back I saw that Gothic wedding invitations were in big demand while doing some keyword research. Definitely a HUGE opportunity here. Just not sure that this type of thing fits in with my vision of the world, but I think you are spot on that it is a very lucrative niche. Thank you for sharing so much detailed information too!

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20 oct 2023
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Going for it!

Me gusta
20 oct 2023
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Kathe Santillo
Kathe Santillo
20 oct 2023

I started making gothic wedding invitations to sell on Zazzle this summer after seeing there were not many to choose from. I love making them!

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20 oct 2023
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Me gusta

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