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Ethereal Creations by Rhonda Brown: A Kaleidoscope of Divine Art - Liquid Luminosity Art

Featured Zazzle Creator Rhonda Brown

Featured Zazzle Creator Rhonda Brown


The Artist Behind the Canvas: Rhonda Brown

"Hello, my name is Rhonda Brown. I am a retired occupational therapist, a published author, and a digital artist. I recently discovered the gift of art in March 2023. 

I use the term gift because it literally was given to me by my Heavenly Father, following the death of two husbands from cancer, which both occurred within 10 years. 

I found myself in a dark valley, thinking my life was over. I was just basically waiting to die. However, one day I became tired of feeling that way and I decided to start encouraging other people on Facebook.

The very next day I decided I wanted to learn how to make Facebook reels, which took me down a path that led to creating beautiful art. 

I am always astonished when a piece turns out beyond what I had imagined it. 

I especially love the colorful pieces that have a metallic or glass effect. I feel the vibrant colors speak to the imagination and have the ability to light up any space. It certainly has lit up my soul. 

This wonderful gift of art from my Heavenly Father brought me back to life and close to Him again. I no longer feel like my life is over. I now have a purpose to share beautiful art, by incorporating them on select designs and hopefully bringing joy to others.

I am so very grateful for this gift and to you for stopping by my store!

Thanks again for visiting Liquid Luminosity Art!




Embrace the Vibrancy of Spirit and Color

Rhonda Brown's digital artistry is a vibrant journey of resilience, hope, and divine inspiration.

Her artworks are an amalgamation of psychedelic hues, ethereal beauty, and spiritual messages that transcend the canvas, offering a glimpse into a world where color dances with the divine.

The Collection: A Spectrum of Soulful Art

  • Psychedelic Visions: Each piece in this collection is a symphony of colors that echoes the depths of Rhonda's transformative journey. Inspired by her own path to healing, these psychedelic masterpieces are both an ode to her strength and an invitation to find solace in vivid imagination.

  • Spiritual Echoes: Rhonda marries her spiritual insights with her artistic flair. The artworks are a reflection of God's love, a visual representation of the peace and purpose that she has found in her faith and artistry.

  • Tie-Dye Transcendence: Celebrating the classic art of tie-dye with a spiritual twist, these pieces are a nod to the traditional craft while infusing it with a modern digital approach, creating timeless designs that resonate with all generations.


The Mission: Art That Heals and Inspires

Rhonda's mission is to spread joy and light through her art. Each piece is not just an object of beauty but a carrier of hope and love. The collections are designed to touch hearts, stimulate minds, and inspire souls to find their own path to happiness and connection with the divine.

Shop and Share the Love

  • Explore the stunning range of art pieces available in Rhonda's Zazzle store.

  • Find the perfect artwork that resonates with your spirit and decor preferences.

  • Share the love by gifting a piece of Rhonda's divine art to someone special.

  • Follow Rhonda's journey and be the first to see her latest creations on social media.

Rhonda Brown's Zazzle store is more than just a marketplace; it's a destination for those who seek art that speaks to the soul. Immerse yourself in the divine creativity and let Rhonda's passion for art and love for God illuminate your world.

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