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Forum Rules Summary: Terms and Conditions: All users are required to read and agree to the complete terms and conditions provided. Confidentiality: Any discussions or information shared within the forum or via course materials should not be shared outside of it. Be Courteous and Kind: Please maintain a friendly and respectful tone when interacting with fellow forum members. Zazzle Links: FREE Members only - when sharing Zazzle links, please include LeahG's affiliate ID '238065638413579200' as a token of appreciation.  This forum demands significant time and effort, akin to a full-time job and as such any gesture of gratitude for my dedication to your growth and success is sincerely appreciated. Showcasing Designs: Please use the "Peer review​" category and instead of redirecting forum members to external sites, it is preferred to showcase designs through screenshots. Resources: If you have resource suggestions, please post them in the General Discussion section until they can be reviewed. Unauthorized Advertising: Without the explicit permission of LeahG, private advertising, including through profile images, is strictly prohibited. Respect for Course: Members are kindly requested to refrain from utilizing the course and forum resources for personal gain beyond what is offered within the course framework. Your understanding and cooperation in respecting these boundaries are greatly appreciated. ​ Thank you for abiding by these guidelines to ensure a positive and productive forum experience. ​ Thank you LeahG

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