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Maximize Your Print-On-Demand Business with the Ultimate Resource Directory

Welcome to your one-stop destination for all things Print-On-Demand (POD)! Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, an established business owner, or a creative artist, our meticulously curated directory is packed with essential resources to elevate your POD journey. Dive into a treasure trove of must-have tools, inspiring design platforms, top-quality suppliers.

Disclaimer: Please note that when you click on any of the links provided to access external websites, you will be leaving our website. These links are provided for your convenience and to offer additional information. We strive to curate high-quality, relevant links, but we have no control over the content and nature of these external sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.

printondemand directory

Essential Online Resources for Print-on-Demand Creators


To stay ahead in the competitive print-on-demand (POD) industry, creators must keep abreast with the latest trends, utilize effective keywords, and understand their market. Here's a curated list of essential online resources to help POD creators thrive:


Google Trends

  • Function: Provides insights into the latest search trends and consumer interests.

  • Usefulness: Helps in identifying trending topics or niches that can inspire new designs or products.

  • Website: Google Trends

Etsy Trend Guide

  • Function: Offers a look into current and upcoming trends specific to the Etsy marketplace.

  • Usefulness: Useful for creators selling on Etsy who want to tap into popular categories and themes.

  • Website: Etsy Trend Guide

Merch Informer

  • Function: A research tool that helps uncover profitable niches and keywords for merch sellers.

  • Usefulness: Provides data-driven insights to optimize listings and increase visibility on platforms like Amazon Merch.

  • Website: Merch Informer

Pinterest Predicts

  • Function: A yearly trend forecast report based on Pinterest's global user activity.

  • Usefulness: Great for visual inspiration and understanding what themes may resonate with audiences in the coming year.

  • Website: Pinterest Predicts

Keyword Tool

  • Function: Generates a list of long-tail keywords using Google Autocomplete.

  • Usefulness: Helps in finding niche-specific keywords and phrases to optimize product titles and descriptions for better SEO.

  • Website: Keyword Tool


  • Function: SEO and market research tool designed specifically for Etsy sellers.

  • Usefulness: Assists in finding the best keywords and provides detailed market analysis for better shop performance.

  • Website: Marmalead

Creative Market Trends

  • Function: Showcases trending design assets and resources.

  • Usefulness: A source of inspiration for creating on-trend designs and understanding which graphic elements are currently popular.

  • Website: Creative Market Trends

Redbubble Tag Generator

  • Function: Generates tags and keywords for Redbubble listings based on the input of a primary keyword.

  • Usefulness: Ideal for Redbubble sellers looking to optimize their product listings with relevant tags.

  • Website: Redbubble Tag Generator


  • Function: A global authority on consumer and design trends.

  • Usefulness: Provides comprehensive reports and insights on future trends across various industries, including fashion and home decor.

  • Website: WGSN


  • Function: A keyword research tool that helps find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty.

  • Usefulness: Helps POD creators find less competitive keywords that can drive more targeted traffic to their products.

  • Website: KWFinder

These resources are invaluable for print-on-demand creators who want to stay ahead of the curve, optimize their online presence, and attract more customers through trend-based and SEO-focused strategies.

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FREE POD Print-On-Demand Directory 

Maximize your print-on-demand business potential with these handpicked free resources. Whether you're crafting new designs or seeking ways to educate yourself further, Your Company Name provides a curated list that is a goldmine for entrepreneurs and creators operating on a shoestring budget.

Free Design Assets

  • Vector Graphics and Illustrations: Spice up your merchandise with eye-catching vector art.

    • Explore sites like Vecteezy and FreePik for vectors that can be used with proper attribution.

  • High-Resolution Stock Photos: Elevate your product visuals with stunning photography.

    • Platforms like Unsplash and Pexels offer top-tier images free for commercial use.

  • Fonts and Typography: Give your text a unique flair with distinctive fonts.

    • Use Google Fonts for a wide selection of free fonts that can make your designs pop.

Educational Materials and Guides

  • Print-on-Demand eBooks: Increase your knowledge with comprehensive guides.

  • Online Courses and Webinars: Stay on top of industry trends and strategies.

    • Check out Udemy and Coursera for free courses related to design and business.

Marketing and Branding Tools

  • Social Media Templates: Create consistent branding across your social platforms.

    • Leverage tools like Canva which offers free design templates tailored for social media.

  • SEO and Analytics: Understand your audience and optimize your online presence.

Community and Support

  • Online Forums and Groups: Join communities where you can share experiences and get advice.

POD print-on-Demand
Graphic Resources Directory

Adobe Stock

  • Website: Adobe Stock

  • Free Graphics Bundles: No

  • Fees: From $29.99/month


  • Website: Canva

  • Free Graphics Bundles: Yes, with limited access

  • Fees: Pro subscription from $12.99/month

Creative Market

  • Website: Creative Market

  • Free Graphics Bundles: Yes, weekly free goods

  • Fees: Pay-per-item, prices vary

Design Bundles

  • Website: Design Bundles

  • Free Graphics Bundles

  • Fees: Pay-per-item, prices vary

Envato Elements

  • Website: Envato Elements

  • Free Graphics Bundles: No

  • Subscription Fee: From $16.50/month


  • Website: Freepik

  • Free Graphics Bundles: Yes, with attribution

  • Fees: Premium subscription from $9.99/month


  • Website: GraphicRiver

  • Free Graphics Bundles: No

  • Fees: Pay-per-item, prices vary


  • Website: Pikbest

  • Free Graphics Bundles: Yes, with limited access

  • Fees: Premium subscription from $9.90/month


  • Website: Shutterstock

  • Free Graphics Bundles: No

  • Fees: From $29/month


  • Website: Vecteezy

  • Free Graphics Bundles: Yes, with attribution

  • Fees: Pro subscription from $14/month


  • Website: Vexels

  • Free Graphics Bundles: No

  • Subscription Fee: From $29/month

POD print-on-Demand
Design Sites Directory


  • Website: Behance

  • Key Features: Showcase and discover creative work

  • Membership Fees: Free


  • Website: Dribbble

  • Key Features: Community of designers sharing screenshots of their work

  • Membership Fees: Free, with Pro features starting at $5/month


  • Website: MyFonts

  • Key Features: Largest selection of professional fonts

  • Membership Fees: Pay-per-font, prices vary

Google Fonts

  • Website: Google Fonts

  • Key Features: Free directory of open-source designer web fonts

  • Membership Fees: Free


  • Website: Sketch

  • Key Features: Digital design toolkit for UI/UX

  • Membership Fees: From $9/month


  • Website: Figma

  • Key Features: Interface design tool with real-time collaboration

  • Membership Fees: Free, with Professional plan starting at $12/editor/month

Mockups and Prototyping


  • Website: InVision

  • Key Features: Digital product design platform for prototyping

  • Membership Fees: Free, with premium plans available

Mockup World

  • Website: Mockup World

  • Key Features: Free mockups for various devices and print forms

  • Membership Fees: Free


  • Website: PicMonkey

  • Key Features: Online photo editing and design service

  • Membership Fees: From $7.99/month

Specific NICHE POD print-on-Demand Directory

Independent artists looking to specialize in specific product categories like fabrics or jewelry can benefit from niche print-on-demand services. These platforms cater to particular product types, offering artists the opportunity to create unique, custom items that stand out in the market. Here's a list of niche print-on-demand sites tailored to certain products.

Spoonflower - Fabrics/Wallpaper

  • Unique Selling Proposition: Specializes in custom fabric, wallpaper, and home decor.

  • Products: Fabrics, wallpaper, bedding, table linens, curtains, and more.

  • Artist Benefits:

    • Sell your designs on a range of high-quality fabrics

    • Eco-friendly printing processes

    • Set your own commission rates

  • Website: Spoonflower - Custom Fabrics

Shapeways - Jewelry

  • Unique Selling Proposition: Leading platform for 3D printed goods, including jewelry.

  • Products: Jewelry, miniatures, tech accessories, and various custom 3D-printed products.

  • Artist Benefits:

    • Access to cutting-edge 3D printing technology

    • A marketplace for selling your 3D designs

    • Choose from over 60 different materials and finishes

  • Website: Shapeways - 3D Printing Service

Art of Where

  • Unique Selling Proposition: Combines high-quality manufacturing with unique artist designs, particularly in wearable art.

  • Products: Clothing, scarves, leggings, and other wearable art.

  • Artist Benefits:

    • High-quality printing on various textiles

    • Dropshipping and white label service

    • Full control over your pricing and profits

  • Website: Art of Where - Custom Wearable Art


  • Unique Selling Proposition: An easy-to-use platform with a focus on accessory products like watches and jewelry.

  • Products: Watches, jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

  • Artist Benefits:

    • Simple design interface

    • Integration with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Etsy

    • Competitive pricing and a broad selection of products

  • Website: Printify - Print on Demand


  • Unique Selling Proposition: High-end print-on-demand products with a focus on quality and sustainability.

  • Products: Bespoke clothing, luxury fabrics, and premium home accessories.

  • Artist Benefits:

    • Eco-friendly production process

    • Wide range of premium products

    • Set your own prices and profit margins

  • Website: Contrado - Print on Demand


  • Unique Selling Proposition: Offers embroidery options for custom designs, which can be perfect for creating unique jewelry and accessories.

  • Products: Embroidered hats, beanies, bags, and clothing.

  • Artist Benefits:

    • No order minimums

    • Custom branding options

    • Excellent customer support and fulfillment services

  • Website: Printful - Embroidery & Print on Demand

These niche platforms allow independent artists to tap into specialized markets and appeal to customers looking for custom, one-of-a-kind items. From custom fabrics for DIY enthusiasts to unique jewelry pieces that make a statement, there's a platform for every niche.

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